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What is the EMBC Flow? EMBC Flow Intro Video
Play Video has come up with something we like to call the “EMBC Flow”. Emergency Management BC (EMBC) provides emergency operations centre (EOC) support when activating for pandemic planning or natural disaster response. The EMBC Flow is our way of organizing the basic EOC activation and explaining the main activities in what we think is a fairly simple way.

The EMBC Flow has 9 steps. We have produced a series of short “how to” videos to explain each step. We start with this introductory video identifying the EMBC Flow including the EMBC Financial Guide and various EMBC EOC forms such as the Expense Authorization Form (EAF), EOC Situation Report, and EOC Action Plan.

Each of the 9 steps in the EMBC Flow help you to understand the steps to how to get cost reimbursement from EMBC for your eligible EOC and response activities.

Step 1