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PPOST is a powerful tool that can be used for just about anything in emergency management planning. from multi-agency response, to initial recovery planning. It also works well for more administrative tasks such as program development or annual or project work planning.

PPOST stands for:

  • Priorities - identify your community or organization's priorities

  • Problems - identify what actual or potential problems might exist. This usually comes from conflicting priorities between programs, people or organizations.

  • Objectives - Identify what needs to be done; set your objectives to solve the problems

  • Strategy - identify how you are going to achieve your objectives

  • Tactics - identify who is going to do what to execute on the strategies

For some of the more involved stuff, like developing an initial community disaster recovery plan, we like to add a couple of extra pieces at the end to make it that much more useful.

First we add Source. As we're doing our PPOST session, we create a list of where we are going to get the resources required to do the Tactics. While we are putting that list together, it enables us to do two important things:

  1. create a list of how we are going to procure those resources; this also feeds into the financial planning piece nicely

  2. build out an initial org chart for whatever the project or event needs to look like

Depending on what you're doing, a good PPOST session can take an hour or it can take a day. At the end of the session, you should have a pretty good product to move forward with.

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