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truly digital emergency

virtual reality + augmented reality
= mixed reality changing...your DigitalEOC...

Just Imagine

The future is now. Enabling technologies are disrupting how you can do emergency management. Low earth orbit satellites, 5G, the internet of absolutely everything, AI, quantum computing, wearables, mixed reality...

You need to be there. The people whose lives depend on you need you to be there.

We take your emergency plan and break it into 2 pieces. The first piece is all that bumfluffery plan content that you hardly ever look at, but that fills 90% of that big binder that sits on the shelf collecting dust.

It's a necessary evil. 

The second piece is your specific business practices, drilled down to concise sets of interactive flow charts and operational “how to” checklists…all specific to your needs and business practices. Access on mobile. Interact with it in your own custom virtual environment. One digital plan feeds all of that. Update in one location and everyone gets the changes instantly.

The system works for you.

You don't work for the system.

Add virtual reality and augmented reality together, and you have mixed reality. We have figured out how to take operational experience and knowledge, and bring it into the mixed reality world.

Old dog, new tricks.


Some really, really smart researchers have identified that adult learners have better engagement and information retention rates when they train and exercise in a mixed reality environment. It's a different type of engagement than listening to someone who sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher standing in front of the class, reading a slide deck word for word..."wah wah woh wah wah"...

We've all felt that pain.

But we don't have to any more.


We Are Building a Virtual Training EOC from Scratch, and We Need Your Help

Hi, my name is Steve Newton and I'd like to invite you to help me design this mixed reality tool. The technology is in place. The virtual training environments are not.

Photo of Steve Newton, owner of

This isn't a sales pitch. I don't have something to sell least not yet. I won't spam you or sell your email. I just really need some help from other experts. Consider this a focus group of sorts with a peppering of mentorship thrown in.

You can be in on the ground floor of what could be a game changer in the emergency management training and exercising world.

Click on this button below and it will guide you to a moderated LinkedIn group that has been set up specifically to get this project kickstarted.


Here's what you will get by being a member of that group:

  • you will be able to follow my progress starting out as I learn the tool from scratch and build out my first DigitalEOC training environment

  • a weekly update on the learnings, wins and challenges; I will be inviting your guidance throughout this journey by asking for your thoughts and ideas regularly

  • my random thoughts, observations, "AHA" moments, and possibly the occasional rant

  • develop your own insights into how this type of technology might be able to help you in your world

Thanks so much.


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At, we understand the challenges faced by emergency managers in today's ever-changing field. With many professionals juggling day jobs and critical roles in Emergency Operations Centers, the stress and demands can be overwhelming. That's why our experienced team, consisting of former first responders, site commanders and EOC Directors is dedicated to providing operationally practical, technology-enabled solutions.


We don't do “you should”. We do “how to”. By integrating emerging technologies into your existing business practices, we provide a digital platform where you can access essential reference materials, as well as interactive flow charts connected to checklists with explainer videos—all available on any device including your phone, tablet, computer or VR headset.

What sets us apart is our pioneering work in mixed reality for emergency management. Through a partnership with some really smart neuroscience experts, we've developed a software tool that links your digital emergency plan to customized training and exercise scenarios


We are also exploring artificial intelligence (AI) in scenario-based design and development. More on that as it evolves.

The science says that people have higher retention rates when in virtual learning environments. By immersing you in virtual environments tailored to your specific needs, we enhance your learning experience and ensure proficiency in emergency management skills.

Our services are designed for those who require initial or ongoing training to meet recurrency, proficiency, and regulatory requirements.

Join us on this transformative journey at Embrace mixed reality training and exercising now, or risk being left behind. The choice is yours.


Part-time EOC Personnel Need To Keep Their Skills Current

A lot of people who work in EOCs these days are "part timers". By that we mean that they have a regular day job that they leave for periods of time to work in an EOC. Sometimes it's not easy to get them to take training. Our virtual environment approach allows you to build a bunch of skills proficiency training for them to complete at their own time in a gamified virtual environment. 

Interactive Checklists With Explainer Videos For Your EOC

Use checklists that are developed specifically for your EOC, and not those generic ones from your Emergency Plan that were copied and pasted out of some ICS course. Enhance those with short explainer videos. Design them so that anyone with a basic working knowledge of your organization and very little experience can get it right. These are integrated for accountability.

Interactive Flow Charts Tied to Plans and Checklists

Take that same "noobie" from above and make them that much more formidable with interactive flow charts designed to your specific business practices. These flow charts are linked to your checklists and plans, and can also have explainer videos for each decision diamond or action box. Build these into your custom virtual training and exercising environment.

Enhance Your Training and Exercising in a Virtual Environment

Amplify your EOC staff learning retention by bringing your training and exercising into a virtual environment. Create scenarios that are based on your community or organization, not someone else's. Design single player training or multi-player scenarios that can be facilitated by an experienced instructor. Your instructor. You don't need a VR headset for this, but it sure is nice.

Automate Your Workload

Reduce your workload by auto-scheduling your online training delivery. Pre-plan what training goes out to who, and when and send out by email and/or text. Schedule and deliver pre-training prep content in advance of an exercise. Add a short post-training survey that gets sent after.

Ask them and they will tell you.



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